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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Tips on getting Features with iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and more.

Hello, Everyone. My name is Robert E Leigh, CEO of Jamvana.com and in my line of work, I get to listen, educate and guide up and coming branded artist and labels in the music industry. One thing that we’ve been accomplishing is pitching features and achieving them on Digital Service Providers (DSPs) such as iTunes, Spotify Playlist, Tidal, Amazon, Beatport and more. I wanted to share how these brands are getting them and why it’s important to have everything crossed out on your list and not thinking or assuming you should get a feature because of the music quality or because your artist got it on another label, but not yours. Here are some helpful tips on how to get noticed with features.

Quality: you must have this, mastering, mix down and a track that is properly arranged or produced. Vocals help a lot too, it makes it more of a song, then a dub.

Support: make sure your artist have a good following as well as yourself as a label. If you’re not active, then why should you get favored like someone that is on every social media platform, groups, merchandise, doing events, engaging with their genre or music community, has a website, has a mobile app, is touring, sends promo emails, is out there almost every sec of the day making sure they are creating awareness. These are tools needed to get a feature! It’s asked for on the forms and more so when you are on the phone trying to convince the providers why this release should be considered over the millions processed daily. I can go on and on here, but lets move on.

Marketing: make sure you’re doing something for this part as you can’t just throw money to a blog or social networks and think, this is what it takes. You need to get it out there even if its one by one messaging or finding a company that will handle this for you. Going back to the support on this one, you want an iTunes feature? Then you need 100+ pre-sales, a good look, and quality sound and plan ahead. If not, then why should you get one? You want a Beatport feature? Read Support all over again and again if you don’t get it. Spotify Playlist? You have to promote it first of all, get your plays up organically, and know how to use the app. Without that, you assume you should have one with the < arrow sign under 1,000 streams? NO! Again, I can go on and on here, but lets move on.

Organization: this is one big key to staying on top of it all. Be organized, if you can’t help yourself, then how can anyone else? Are you putting a plan together for each release? Do you have contracts? Are they all in one place? Can you pull any info needed for them when you want? Do you have a catalog manager? Are you triple checking your spelling? Do you even have a hashtag started? Little things like this make you grow faster, better and be on top of everything. Another one, I can go on and on here, but lets move on. LOL

Customer Service: it’s a must to have a label rep who will talk to you, go to bat for you, listen to your issues so he or she can try to solve them or be there for you to push ahead. Without this part, you will get nowhere and just be a number. One thing about Jamvana is we treat you with respect, even though at times, users will not treat us with the same respect, we still try to strive to help those in need. This is why at times, you will see a label or artist get features or promo when they really didn’t deserve it. It’s because you have a rep with our team that’s busting their ass day and night to get you heard. There is no favoring our tops. Why is that? Because we have quality over quantity and can focus on everyone. 

If you do these very minimal tips and be more organized, you will see your brand unfold onto new ventures and you just might pop off that next artist, or even yourself. 


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