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T-Mobile Drops the Bass on the Uncarrier Movement

As many of you know, T-Mobile has been on a roll with their Uncarrier movements which allow Binge On streaming of your favorite music apps. Now they’re back at it with something even more grandiose. Starting tomorrow every T-Mobile customer will be able to participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays which means everyone can receive a free Wendy’s Frosty, Domino’s Pizza, and Vudu rental all for FREE! On top of that, they will have a special prize every week and HUGE giveaways every week as well.

Watch the livestream, it starts at 18:00. The video even includes a little hype from DJ Khaled introducing T-Mobile Tuesdays.

You’ll also have the option to own shares in T-Mobile for free! If you’re not on #TeamMagenta yet, it’s time to switch!

Image source: T-Mobile.



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