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Spotify Premium Duo Plan Now Available for Spotify Listeners in 14 More Countries

This post comes from Spotify’s blog.

It’s happened to us all. You’re streaming mint and grinding through work at your office when, all of a sudden, the music stops. You click open Spotify to see that your significant other, who’s at home, decided to queue up a guilty-pleasures playlist on the smart speaker to sing along to while prepping dinner. Good news, though, for our users in a number of* Latin American countries: The pilot of Spotify Premium Duo, our two-person subscription plan for couples living under one roof that eliminates the difficulties of sharing an account or devices, will be available in 14 additional markets starting September 4. 

Spotify Premium Duo was created for couples who reside at the same address—and it costs significantly less than having two Premium accounts. On top of that, new users who sign up for a Premium Duo plan get the first three months free.

Best of all, Spotify Premium Duo isn’t just for adding a second user—this plan also unlocks several new perks for your family. In addition to each person having a Premium account (and the personalized experience that comes with it), users get:

  • Duo Mix, an automatically updated playlist that combines the music you and your significant other enjoy together—so domestic disputes over who should DJ are likely to be kept to a minimum.
  • The ability to share your playlist library with each other, with just a tap or click.
  • An easy interface for managing your accounts, settings, and home device setup.

If you already have a Premium plan and want to add your partner by upgrading to Premium Duo, all you have to do is click here to visit your Account page and follow a few quick, easy steps to change your subscription. Keep in mind that the Premium Duo plan requires that both users reside at the same address.

That’s all it takes to start letting the music and podcasts play—with no unwanted interruptions caused by your significant other commandeering your Spotify account for a dinner-prep karaoke session.

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