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Spotify Launches New Original Series “Trading Playlists” Featuring NFL Stars

The following post comes from Spotify’s blog.


From country to rap to classical jazz, some of the NFL’s biggest names offer viewers a humorous look into their musical tastes – and amidst very unique settings

Click here to view the first episode.

Today, Spotify and ACE Media, the content arm of the NFL Players Association, announced the premiere of their original sports and music series Trading Playlists, which will feature NFL stars Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Coby Fleener, Tyler Eifert, Rashad Jennings, Stefon Diggs, and more. You can view a full series trailer, here.

Produced by digital studio Collab, each original episode gives viewers an inside look into what happens when two star athletes with widely disparate tastes trade playlists for a day.

Beginning today, all seven episodes will be available on Spotify’s mobile platform in the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden only.


See Below for Trading Playlists Episode Descriptions:

Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware – Denver Broncos championship teammates Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware trade playlists for a day, while hanging out in Miller’s palatial man cave.

Bengals Teammates – Cincinnati Bengals teammates Tyler Eifert and Jeremy Hill trade playlists while visiting their favorite outdoor store, sneaker shop and Hill’s mother’s kitchen!

Panthers – Super Bowl 50 breakout player Kony Ealy trades a drastically different playlist with teammate and mentor, Kyle Love.

Running Backs – Running backs, Jay Ajayi & Ameer Abdullah, swap playlists that reflect their own diverse backgrounds.

Receivers – Top young wide receivers, Stefon Diggs and Nelson Agholor, catch up to trade playlists and challenge each other to an over the top game of arcade basketball.

Past and Present – NFL Hall of Famer, Andre Reed, enlightens budding superstar, Jamison Crowder, on his decades-spanning playlist.

TE’s & RBs – New Orleans Saints TE Coby Fleener and NY Giants RB Rashad Jennings trade playlists…and play a game of laser tag  while doing it.

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