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Spotify and Discord Team Up For Your Gaming Sessions

This post comes from Spotify’s blog.

Spotify and Discord are excited to offer millions of gamers an entirely new listening experience – making it easier than ever to enjoy music as a group and share the soundtracks for your gaming adventures.

That’s right, we’re bringing the gaming chat and music together for the ultimate gaming session. Just open ‘Settings’ inside Discord and make your way to ‘Connections’ and connect Spotify.

Once the setup is complete, you’re ready to:

Listen as a team
As a Spotify Premium user you’re able to seamlessly listen along with your friends simultaneously whilst you chat and strategize about future campaigns and endeavours to the beat of the perfect game soundtrack.

Find your next soundtrack
All users are now able to instantly highlight and share their favourite tunes with their friends across Discord. Connected users will receive a tag displaying what they’re currently listening to.

“This is the next natural step to highlight the importance of music as an integral part of the gaming experience”, said Mikael Ericsson, Product Director, Platform & Partner Experience at Spotify. “Starting today, we’re really excited to offer Spotify Premium and Discord users the ability to listen together as a group or highlight what they’re jamming out to while enjoying their favorite games.”

Don’t forget to browse through our Gaming Hub, filled with original game soundtracks and tons of curated playlists for every session.

The integration will be available from today to users across all markets* where Spotify and Discord are available.

Ready to play?

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