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SoundCloud Won’t Take Down Your DJ Mix

Article by Engadget

SoundCloud made its name partly on the back of DJ mixes (both official and otherwise), but you could never take their presence for granted. All it would take is an overeager copyright lawyer and your favorite set would disappear in a puff of digital smoke. That shouldn’t be a problem going forward, though. Company co-founder Eric Wahlforss tells Germany’s Groove that it’s now possible to upload mixes “problem-free.” The rights negotiations for SoundCloud Go made all the difference, Wahlforss says — agreements with copyright holders mean that there won’t be any rude legal surprises, whether or not you’re a Go subscriber.

The all-clear isn’t shocking when both Apple and Spotify now offer unofficial mixes. However, it’s arguably more important for a service which is better known for those DJ sets than the usual catalog of licensed albums. And it also underscores one of the indirect benefits of SoundCloud Go: a lot of the content you come for is more likely to stay, whether it’s a superstar artist’s podcast or a newcomer’s first mix-and-scratch session.

Screenshot of Eric Wahlforss courtesy of YouTube, Credit to Thump

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