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SoundCloud Go Launches in Germany

This announcement comes from SoundCloud’s blog.


It’s been a busy year. Since March, we’ve launched our listener subscription SoundCloud Go in seven countries. Today we move into another major market and make SoundCloud Go available in the country where SoundCloud started, Germany.

Many of the values so important to SoundCloud as a platform and a company – openness, experimentation, community, enabling creativity, fostering the creation of culture – to name just a few, are due in part to the influence of the art and music scenes of Berlin, where our headquarters has been located for the last 10 years.

SoundCloud Go offers listeners offline, ad-free listening plus full access to the largest music and audio streaming catalog in the world – currently 135 million tracks.

Our catalog is always expanding in both size and diversity. Since March, more than 10 million tracks have been added from artists ranging from the freshest, raw talent to some of the biggest musical names in the world. We’ve also launched a number of features such as Stations and Suggested Tracks that enable users to discover even more music, much of which can’t be heard anywhere else.

We’re dedicated to expanding the number of creators that have opportunities to be paid for the work they share on SoundCloud. Launching SoundCloud Go and advertising in Germany and other countries powers increases in revenues, which in turn allows us to invite more independent creators to the Premier partner program to share revenue.

SoundCloud Go is available in Germany on web, iOS App Store and Google Play, and priced at 9.99 € per month, with a free 30-day trial. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge (12.99 € per month) by visiting soundcloud.com/go instead.

With SoundCloud Go, you take your listening experience to the next level with:

  • Offline and ad-free listening, and no previews.
  • An expanded catalog of more than 135 million tracks. You’ll get the best from artists signed to the biggest labels on the planet, right alongside the best of the unsigned and up-and-coming.

Want to know more? Head right over to our SoundCloud Go page, here.

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