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Paul Kalkbrenner Announces His Only US Show in 2015

Back in March, Paul Kalkbrenner announced a new upcoming album, 7, and with it a new live show. After debuting the latter in Europe this past May, the German techno icon is taking it stateside for one night only.

Those hoping to see Kalkbrenner’s new live set can do so in New York City, where he will take over a secret warehouse for a special album release party on Saturday, August 15. As his recent sets overseas have been enjoyed by vastly large festival crowds, this show will mark a rare change of pace as he performs 7 in a more intimate environment.

In the meantime, fans await the release of the producer’s seventh studio album on August 7. The project made headlines due to Kalkbrenner’s signing a long-term record deal with Sony Music International for a release sometime this year on Columbia Records. It’s the first time in ten years that he’s worked with a label other than his own Paul Kalkbrenner Musik.

As part of the record deal, Kalkbrenner was given exclusive access to the label’s master vaults, and according to a press release, he’s sampled artists such as D-Train, Jefferson Airplane and Luther Vandross. Already, he’s shared two singles from the LP, “Cloud Rider” and “Mother Trucker,” and the next will be “Free Your Head,” according to his website.

For an idea of what to expect when Paul Kalkbrenner comes stateside, watch a preview of his7 tour below. Sign up for pre-sale tickets to the NYC show at his official website.


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