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Pacemaker+ Rolls Out New Features to Make Your Mixes Better

This post comes from Engadget.

In news that’ll please budding mix-meisters (you’re not actually a DJ, sorry), popular iOS mixing app Pacemaker has just received a hefty paid update. Pacemaker+ doubles down on its existing social features, allowing users to seamlessly create and share their mixtapes using their Spotify Premium library. With over 30 million tracks at their fingertips, owners of the premium in-app upgrade will also have access to new mixing tools courtesy of Pacemaker+’s Studio features.

Building on the app’s bare-bones mixing options, new Studio features like phrase, bar and beat matching allow maestros to meld together tracks that more accurately match, creating smoother-sounding mixes. Once your mixtape is ready to drop, users can either unleash it on other Pacemaker users in the app’s public feed, or for the first time, export it to social media and confuse a few relatives.

Although Pacemaker+ is a premium feature, users who don’t want to cough up the cash can test out the new tools with a few free “Studio sessions”. With most other DJ apps lacking Spotify integration, the vast majority of mixes and mixtapes floating around online use tracks that fail to pay the artists. Thankfully for ethically minded mix heads, the Spotify integration makes Pacemaker+ the first DJ app that actually sees artists make money from amateur mixtapes. Unfortunately for taste-makers on Android devices, there’s still no word on Pacemaker coming to the platform. Still, there’s always the old tapedeck.

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