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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Jamvana’s music distribution system (MDS) is state-of-the-art

2017 was an amazing year for Jamvana and the team. We overhauled our website to be more modern, up-to-date, and user friendly. Our enhancements aren’t stopping there, however. We’re continually adding new features to our music distribution system (MDS), including deeper analytics, email marketing tools, and much more. 

We offer trend reports

Similar to our competitors, Jamvana offers trend reports. However, ours are much more in-depth. You can leverage our daily trend and sales reports on Beatport, Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Keep in mind, however, that sales reports are two months behind with data. For example, if you had sales in January, you most likely wouldn’t see those figures in MDS until March. We post the data as we receive it from the digital service providers. 

Our music distribution system is much more powerful

Our music distribution system goes above and beyond our competitors’ backend systems. Our reports are more analytical and provide much more insight as to how your music is doing on the charts. With these analytical tools, you’re able to better serve your fans and refresh your marketing strategies. 

The new compilation feature

Compilations are huge. They’re similar to playlists on the various digital service providers; however, they’re more personalized and focused. If you’re a label owner (or even an artist with a lot of tracks to release), then our compilation feature is a must-have. 

A label, for example, may want to release a compilation album for their “2018 Best Ofs.” By utilizing the compilation feature through the music distribution system on Jamvana, you would be able to put together your “2018 Best Ofs.” 

The compilation section is very similar to uploading a new release for distribution, so this should look very familiar.

Compilation Album Jamvana

The accounting tools we provide you with go beyond the expected

One of most talked about features is the ability to upload your contracts and keep them organized. We firmly believe in organization being a driving force in an artist’s success, so making sure that all documents, files, and information is in one go-to location is vital. If you want to upload a contract, login to your MDS account, select “Accounting,” then “Contracts.” Select the artist you want to upload a contract to, choose the file, and select “Upload Contract.”

Contract Upload Jamvana

It’s only going to get better

The industry is changing, and so is the technology that runs it. While we continue to work with some of the most talented, dedicated, and hard working musicians out there, our music distribution system is only going to get better and better with time. As we add new features and improvements, we will keep you posted. We’re excited for what 2018 is going to bring! 


  • Bugwu Aneto - Okeke
    May 21, 2019 at 1:43 am

    Hello MDS ,
    I represent Measurable Accurate Digital Solutions . I am interested in your white label aggregation services.

    Would like to know your pricing models and flexibility for delivery to stores via direct and indirect deals .

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