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Introducing track IDs: Co-Curated Playlists From the World’s Leading DJs

This blog post came from Spotify.

Do you ever dance to your favorite DJ and wonder what track they’re mixing? You’re not alone. We’re always asking “track ID, anyone?” at sets. Now, with a new suite of playlists, Spotify is here to remove the guesswork for dance and electronic music fans.

Our new playlists, track IDs, are co-curated by DJs and Spotify’s editorial team and include songs DJs play in their sets. Each playlist will also include original tracks from the DJ. In addition to allowing DJs to connect with fans in an entirely new way, these playlists will help listeners discover songs they’ve previously heard live and want to find on Spotify.

“It’s no secret the tracks I play are usually unreleased from whichever sounds I’m into at the time,” explains Berlin-based DJ Dixon. “Right now with the usual game on hold, this playlist feels quite personal. Of course there are the floor fillers in there, some from prior to lockdown, some that never have been tested on a dance floor. But I’m more curious to gauge the listeners’ response to the underdogs.”

These playlists, which will be refreshed on a weekly basis, are co-curated by some of the world’s leading DJs, including MKAlunaBlack Coffee, and Jayda G.

With dance and electronic spanning a wide range of styles and subgenres, these playlists allow fans to listen to music for every bpm, from house and techno to electronica and chill. Discover new favorites with one of our track ID playlists playlist below.

Find all of our track ID playlists here.

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