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Why should an artist have an electronic press kit?

Marketing is perhaps one of the most loathing processes to take on in promoting an artist. That is until they’ve become big enough where they promote themselves. Until then, however, it’s important they have an electronic press kit, or EPK. Their EPK is what makes the artist(s) stand out from other artists because believe it or not, most artists don’t have an EPK, let alone know what it is or what they entail.

An electronic press kit is one of the best ways to showcase an artist’s brand, style, and overall theme. For potential fans, venues, and music publications, an EPK can greatly portray a sense of who the artist is and what genre of music they produce. It ultimately comes down to branding, and the EPK is one of the best elements an artist can have. As mentioned above, the EPK will make the artist(s) stand out from other artists in the industry.

What should be included in the EPK?

There are quite a few elements that should be included inside an artist’s electronic press kit. There are also a few items that need not be included but can heighten the experience. Items that should be included in an EPK:

  • Press shot(s) – Put a face to the name for the recipient.
  • Biography – Tell us about the artist. Where did they grow up? Who are some of their musical inspirations? What’s something that inspires them about music?
  • Note-worthy collaborations, record deals/releases, remixes, etc. – This isn’t always necessary, but it can aide in gaining approval from a music publication when the artist has some instantly recognizable names they’ve worked with.
  • Social media links and/or website – Where can the recipient go for more information about the artist?

Those are a few elements that should form the base of the EPK. A few other elements that need not be included could be notable achievements (unless the artist has headlined Ultra Music Festival), most recent releases, upcoming releases (demos), and quotes from the artist(s).

Electronic press kits can be tricky and may require a bit of creativity. The artist should compile a concept and all of the necessary information for their EPK and pass it onto a graphic designer if they’re not comfortable doing it themselves. Ensure that the artist is working with a graphic designer that they’re confident in. Remember, the EPK portrays the artist and what they’re about. It’s essentially the artist’s business card. A sloppy electronic press kit will not yield results.

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