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Disney C*ck-Blocked by Tomorrowland Festival

Disney C*ck-Blocked by Tomorrowland Festival

First, Disney forced the Tomorrowland festival to change their name when they expanded to the United States, due to a trademark registered by Disney.  As a result, Tomorrowland becameTomorrowworld in the U.S.

Now Tomorrowland is returning the favor.  The Belfast Telegraph reports that the music festival registered the trademark in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium in 2005.

Disney has a movie named Tomorrowland, but they won’t be able to release the movie under that name in the countries where Tomorrowland has already registered the trademark.

If keeping the name is important to Disney, the two sides might be able to come to an agreement over the use.

This situation reminds me of the Deadmau5 vs. Disney showdown.




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