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Deezer Launches New Flow Tab

This post comes from The Verge.

Today, Deezer has announced a change to its existing Flow feature, which creates an endless stream of a user’s favorite songs plus new tracks picked by the service. There is now a separate Flow Tab, which displays several personalized tracklists for a user to pick from based on their individual musical preferences.

Once you click on the new Flow Tab, you’ll see a swipeable carousel with cards for different tracklists that mark the artists they’re inspired by. These options are made from what Deezer already knows you like to listen to. For example, you could get served a playlist inspired by the likes of Flume, Disclosure, Chet Faker, and Odesza, or one inspired by The Weeknd, Drake, and Frank Ocean.

Image: Deezer

In addition to the “inspired by” tracklists, there’s also a separate “discover” tracklist for delving into all new artists and songs. “Inspired by” tracklists will have 40 songs that are refreshed daily, while the “discover” tracklist will also have 40 songs, but refreshed weekly. If you dig what you hear on a tracklist, it can be added to one of your own existing playlists, or you can create a new playlist to add it to. Premium+ users can skip around and choose songs to listen to, while freemium users can only play the tracklists in shuffle mode.

The French-based music streaming service has been expanding as of late, rolling out in the US beyond Sonos users last year. Deezer’s HiFi service announced compatibility with a host of Wi-Fi speakers that support Google Cast, like Sony and Samsung, and it recently integrated with most Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon’s line of Echo speakers, the Sonos One, and the UE Megablast and Blast. Last year, the company also introduced a desktop app that supports lossless audio.

Deezer Flow Tab is available on all iOS and Android devices and on the web.

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