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Above & Beyond Recruit Walter White to ‘Push The Button’ at EDC Vegas

Mainstage trancers Above & Beyond have made little secret of their love for the cult cable series Breaking Bad, even naming their turbo-charged 2013 single “Walter White” in honor of the show’s infamous protagonist. And on the weekend at EDC, the UK trio figured out a rather novel way to make a large splash with their ‘Push The Button’ segment of their set.

“Say my name,” actor Bryan Cranston screamed menacingly to the crowd, on stage (and firmly in character), while the breakdown of the titular ‘Walter White’ had been paused by A&B during the ‘Push The Button’ segment of their set.

“You’re goddamn right! Walter White, Above & Beyond!” Cranston then ‘pushed the button’ to launch the tune’s drop, and was seen spiritedly jumping around behind the decks. Cranston tweeted a reference several hours later to his EDC jaunt.



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