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Watch This Vintage Video of Grandmaster Flash Dropping DJ Knowledge

While in 2015 he’s touring the world as a hip hop legend, back in 1983 Grandmaster Flash was a young prodigy making his mark. Back in those halcyon days, the DJ recorded a ‘break mix’ tutorial for MTV’s The Cutting Edge, showing how it’s done on two turntables and a mixer. The video has lived on YouTube for years now, but it’s traveling around social mediaagain this week. If you haven’t seen it before, now’s the time to get schooled.

In the video, Grandmaster Flash walks viewers through his punch phase, scratch phase, silent phase, ‘meliodic’ scratch and more. He closes out the session with a resounding message: “For the people who paid their hard-earned money coming to the discotheques, I don’t think it’s totally fair really to just start the record from the beginning and just wait for it to end, then mix the next track in. I mean, if you’re gonna do work, do work.” Check it out below.




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