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Watch Skrillex Convince a TMZ Reporter to Follow His Dreams

Skrillex’s career is a monument to the power of positivity, following one’s dreams and maintaining a can-do, will-do attitude.

Coming out of nowhere with a sound that both attracted and appalled, people were quick do dismiss Sonny Moore, and we watched him win them over, one-by-one, from critical artists to his harshest critics in the media, on the strength of his tireless work ethic, undeniable talent and overwhelming PMA.

Skrillex DJed with Four Tet in London and Resident Advisor gave the night 4.5/5. He played Sonar, people complained, fans cheered, and then he came back and played again andagain.

We can go on, but this isn’t about that. This is about TMZ. Specifically, the moment when a TMZ “reporter” hounded Skrillex recently about whatever, and Sonny turned the tables, “in a nice way.”

“I think anyone can do whatever they want to do in life,” Sonny begins, as he leaves a club. “How about you? What do you want to do in your life.”

Turning the camera on the cameraman, Skrillex reveals that the TMZ reporter is a pretty nice dude. Goofy maybe, but not malicious. He breaks into a smile.

“Well, I wanted to be a director but…” the cameraman, Cody, stammers.

“Follow your dreams brother!” Skrillex encourages, giving a pound, and in an astonishing moment of heartfelt expression, Cody blurts “Hey, you just made me feel really good, man!”

Watch the video below. The world can be pretty cool sometimes, if you let it.

By Theo Bark @badbarks








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