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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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The following article comes from BBC. More money was spent on vinyl than downloaded albums last week, for the first time. Vinyl sales made the record industry £2.4m, while downloads took in £2.1m, the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) said. It marks a big shift in music consumption. In...

Here's the law in every US state. Compiled by Digital Music News. Alabama It's legal! Alaska Headphones and earbuds are not permitted, except when used for navigational purposes. Hearing aids okay. Arizona It's legal, though not for school bus drivers or anyone transporting children for a daycare facility. Arkansas It's legal! California Headphones and earbuds...