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In today’s musical world, with hundreds of new producers and musicians joining the scene daily and a new hit single every morning on the radio, it’s difficult if not impossible to find something which truly stands out. Something expressive, powerful and carefully considered – something magical. Something that transcends the physical realm, that creates an almost spiritual experience for its listener.

Liam Pitcher is a young composer from Cape Town, South Africa, who has created his own unique style, which he is calling the Story Without Images. These stories are pieces of electronic music with no traditional instrumentation which combine synthesized sounds with everyday sound effects to create a visual experience for the listener, without any actual visuals! “The instrumental use of sound effects plays with the psychology of the listener, evoking strong memories, and conjuring up vivid imagery in the mind, more so than using notes alone.” – Liam

Whether you enjoy action filled, upbeat tracks, or patient meditative experiences, Stories Without Images will please. Contrary to the avalanche of popcorn we currently experience, this album is best listened to alone and with eyes closed.

Each piece is based on one of Liam’s powerful childhood experiences. He explains: “Before writing each piece, I revisited each memory. This ranged from playing with old toys and visiting locations long forgotten, to even smoking a specific pack of cigarettes long after quitting. In doing this I realized more and more how different things are for me today than they were back then. The album is really all about how society conditions the child out of us, hence the noticeable dark undertone to it all. Each piece expresses and symbolizes the powerful child state of being, as well as how it has been stripped away.”

With exciting climaxes, interesting harmonies, beautiful and sometimes terrifying melodies, mysterious transitions and juxtapositions; Stories Without Images is a must listen for everyone in 2018.


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