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SoundCloud Explores Music Underground In SoundCloud Next Wave

This post comes from SoundCloud.

New York, Monday, July 17, 2017 — Today, SoundCloud announced the debut of its new mini-docuseries, SoundCloud Next Wave. The series, co-curated by The FADER, will take viewers on a six-city journey around the world to explore emerging creator communities that embrace SoundCloud to connect, collaborate and create new musical landscapes. The series debuts on SoundCloud’s YouTube page on Thursday, July 20th at 10:00am ET / 2:00pm GMT.

Viewers can tune in to SoundCloud’s YouTube page for a new episode every month, through the end of the year. In episode one, “Degenerate Generation,” SoundCloud and The FADER hit the Los Angeles suburbs to uncover the stories and sounds behind the rising goth rap scene, and some of its emerging artists Pouya, Fat Nick and  Lil Tracy.

“The internet and platforms like SoundCloud have changed the relationship between musicians and their fans. The paradigm has shifted where massive underground followings can form organically overnight without traditional marketing or promotion. It reinforces our view that what’s next in music is on SoundCloud now. We’re excited to shine a light on these emerging scenes bubbling on the platform.”

Megan West, Vice President of Content Relations, SoundCloud. 

The six-episode mini-docuseries will uncover the emerging trends making musical waves on SoundCloud and spotlight scenes in Los Angeles, Rio, Toronto, New York, London, and Berlin. Each episode will uncover the stories and the people who are impacting today’s music culture in cities around the globe.

To celebrate the launch of the series, SoundCloud, presented by Toyota, is hosting a concert on Thursday, July 20th from 9:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m. PST with performances by Fat Nick, Lil Tracy and DJ Soraya LaPread. The event is free and open to fans age 18+. Tickets can be secured for the event here.

Fans can also take a deep dive into the scene by following SoundCloud’s social channels for behind the scenes and bonus content. A limited-edition zine Next Wave featuring photographer Lil’ Trapanese (Inju Kim) will be available on SoundCloud’s Tumblr and at select locations in Los Angeles, in addition to a dedicated playlist from The FADER and special interviews with artists from the scene on Ham on Everything Radio.

SoundCloud Next Wave Episode One: Degenerate Generation

The first goth rap hashtag surfaced on SoundCloud in 2010, and has shown no signs of slowing down– especially in the Los Angeles area. “Degenerate Generation” follows three artists within the underground rap movement; Lil Tracy, Fat Nick, and Pouya. Growing up as outcasts, the three self-proclaimed misfits meet up in Los Angeles, hailing from all areas of the country. Together, they are turning to the internet and music for a release, uploading their tracks to SoundCloud and cultivating a fiercely dedicated music fan base.

SoundCloud Next Wave premieres on July 20, 2017 on SoundCloud’s YouTube page. You can catch the series teaser trailer, here.

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