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Soundcloud Adds a New Feature – Albums

The following post comes from Soundcloud’s blog.

You’ll begin to notice the roll out of Albums on SoundCloud. One of SoundCloud’s early aims was to help creators share their work, track-by-track. Over the years, the platform evolved to enable the creation of playlists. As the diversity of both our creators and listeners continues to grow, we want to give creators more ways to share and organize their work, and listeners even more ways to discover, share and interact with the massive catalog of music and audio available today on SoundCloud.

If you’re a creator, this means you can log on to your profile today to mark any playlist you’d like to move to the album format. This will organize any collection of tracks into our new “Album” section on your profile, and allow it to be discoverable via search. We hope “Albums” offers yet another way for you to share and showcase your work on SoundCloud. If you would like to learn more about organizing your tracks into “Albums,” click here.

For listeners, we are constantly looking for new ways to help you discover and experience all of your favorite music on SoundCloud, we hope you enjoy this new addition.

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