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Howdy! This here’s Remix Roundup, our new weekly corral of bootlegs ‘n’ such. Let’s kick things off with more Jack U than you folks could ever ask for… or want. Yeehaw!

Tropical House | Nance + OXV
Many of the pops and bleeps in the original lend themselves directly to a tropical vibe, and Nance and OXV use them to their advantage in a tropical house take.
Free download.

Tropical House | Foreign & Domestic
In only their seventh post to SoundCloud, relative newcomers Foreign & Domestic lay claim to what could be the best remix of this track thus far with a slightly elevated tropical house take. Interestingly enough, the free download has been disabled at the request of its proprietor Atlantic Records.

Trap | Bracci
Bracci utilizes many of the winding, clicky pops and vocal clips and whatnot for his trap remix instead, applying them to a spacious and bassy affair.
Free download

Trap | Will Mendez
Mendez goes beyond spacey in his cavernous trap remix with extra drippy walls and a brassy synth drop. Go hard, Will.
Free download

Trap/Beats | StéLouse
StéLouse turns in a magnificent mellow melter of a trap remix and the first of our roundup to pitch Skrilly’s voice up past the ceiling–very entertaining.
Free download

Beats | K.Y.
K.Y. proves true to the name with a lubricious flip that flaunts how damn sexy Jack U looks stripped down to almost nothing.
Free download

Future Bass | Rawzeal
More self-fulfilling names here with Rawzeal shipping a standout future bass take with a shuddering topline, showing off a fair amount of raw talent demonstrated with extra zeal.
Free download

Twerk | Wolf
Wolf goes for the booty in his twerk-ready bootleg with infusions of dancehall, moombah, and dubstep.
Free download

Moombahton | Ben Woolsey
Woolsey goes full-on moombah in his shrill rump-shaker.
Free download


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