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Rabbit in the Moon takes Orlando to the Stars

Known for their wild, outrageously creative, and dynamic performances, Rabbit in the Moon took to the stage in Orlando, Florida and blasted the crowd off to the stars. Jamvana was there to experience the entire life-changing performance to soak up every last bit of energy that Bunny and Christophere were hitting us with.

Their inception in 1991 in Tampa, Florida consisted of David Christophere, Bunny, and DJ Monk. DJ Monk, however, left the amusing group back in 2002. Rabbit in the Moon has released a plethora of unique tunes that can be heard on labels such as Hallucination Recordings and Southbeat Records. Songs include “Deeper,” “Floori.d.a,” “Time Bomb,” and “Decade.” This iconic group has also unleashed remixes for Sarah McLachlan, Garbage, White Zombie, Goldie, Planet Soul, and many more. Rabbit in the Moon is most certainly one of the most versatile acts to graze the techno and house genres.

Back in 2008, Rabbit in the Moon’s frontman, Bunny, was injured at Annual World DJ Festival in Seoul, South Korea due to an audience member throwing a glass bottle at him, hitting him in the left eye. This incident heavily damaged his retina, lens, and skin, which also ruined his vision pretty severely. This hasn’t, however, slowed bustling Bunny down at all.

Today, the group consists of David Christophere on the decks and Bunny on the vocals and crazy costumes. The duo continues to put on performances around the US.

Upon entering the club, the house music was blaring, and feet were shuffling to the beat. As the night progressed, techno and house fans continued to flow in, reserving less and less room for anyone else. The most mesmerizing aspect of the concert was believing in the music and seeing just how powerful it is when bringing people together. We firmly believe (and hope you do too) that music is a language that anybody can relate to, regardless of any language barriers, race, culture, religion, etc. “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” – Lou Rawls.

As the night progressed, the already eager crowd became even more anxious to hear and watch the legendary Rabbit in the Moon. The music didn’t stop, and neither did the dancing. The low-end from the subwoofers shook the entire club and our ear drums. Drinks continued to be downed; feet continued to shuffle; and people shared memories that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Midnight came around. The lights dimmed, the music slowly withered away, and the crowd went berserk. It was time. It was finally time for Rabbit in the Moon to take over! The emcee told us that there was only one way to get Bunny out on stage: “Rabbit,” said the emcee. “Rabbit,” the crowd responded. The calling of the rabbit continued for about five minutes.

After a few minutes of calling the rabbit, the curtains flew open, lights went down, and music got loud, as did the crowd. The opening audio-visuals took us by storm. Bunny came stomping out to the beat of the music with a superbly creative and outrageous costume on. He teased the audience into thinking that he was going to crowd surface until he picked up his fog machine gun and blasted the crowd, initiating lift off for an entertaining and eventful evening.

Rabbit in the Moon are clearly no strangers to prodigious entertainment and keeping the crowd on the edge of their seat.

Rabbit in the Moon is a classic house, techno, breakbeat, and drum and bass music group that should be on everyone’s radar.

Jamvana would like to give a huge shout out to the promoter, Vizion 1 Entertainment, for allowing us to attend this event. We had a great time!


Article by: Lennon Cihak

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