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Pandora Mobile App for iOS 13 Introduces Dark Mode and Seamless Integration with Siri

This post comes from Pandora’s blog.

Users who have updated to Apple’s recently-released iOS 13 operating system can now see their Pandora app in a whole new light with the new Dark Mode feature for iPhone and iPad, and seamlessly enjoy their favorite music and podcasts on Pandora using Siri voice commands thanks to SiriKit for Audio support.

With its new Dark Mode feature, Apple has given iOS a beautiful new dark color scheme that’s perfect for low-light environments, is easier on your eyes, and won’t disturb people around you.

The new feature lets users choose to show Pandora in a light or dark style by selecting Dark Mode in your iPhone device settings. The Pandora app will automatically reflect your choice, blending seamlessly with your overall iOS style preference.

Switch to Dark Mode to lower the brightness of Pandora’s interface so you can focus on your music instead of your screen, or keep it in the classic lighter style: the choice is yours.

Also new with iOS 13: it’s never been simpler to listen to your favorite music and podcasts on Pandora with Siri thanks to seamless new SiriKit for Audio support.

You can just say, “Hey Siri, play Lizzo on Pandora” or “Hey Siri, play the latest episode of This American Life on Pandora,” and she’ll take it from there. That’s it! There’s no setup needed.

Whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or CarPlay, using Siri to enjoy your favorite Pandora music and podcasts on your favorite Apple products has never been easier or more powerful.

For more information about using Siri with Pandora, check here.

Apple users can upgrade to iOS 13 and then download the latest Pandora app for iOS here to start using these great new features today!

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