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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Market Your Music Or Label Free With Social Media

Having a large social media following is essential today, and we’re not just talking about Facebook (follow Jamvana at facebook.com/Jamvana though if you don’t already, just saying).  Facebook is cool and all for some general promoting and friendly conversation, witty banter with friends, or complimenting your brand with some logos and decent art.   YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitter however are undoubtedly the best ways to promote yourself in the music industry.  The end goal for all artists and labels in the trade is to attract fans and in turn sell music, but it doesn’t have to cost money to see an impact if done correctly.  Sure you can pay for it, and larger labels have budgets set aside devoted to advertising and marketing.  Yet there are still some ways to compete for indie artists.
The most beneficial means of marketing yourself is Youtube.  Entertaining the globe with over a billion views monthly, more people stream music through Youtube than any other streaming service.  You don’t have to be Quentin Tarantino either to get started, the most important thing is getting as much quality content as possible going.  The easiest thing to do assuming you have digital music stored for yourself,  is to start with a photo of your brand’s logo, then collect organic pictures and videos to start putting together slideshows and videos to post.  Mac users have iMac at their disposal, while PC users can find free video editing software such as VSDC Video Editor Free Edition.  Sharing original and alluring videos entices followers to visit more often, as long as you continue to add content.   You can make money from Youtube as well by teaming up with a Multi Channel Network if you are getting enough followers.  Some other pointers are to make sure to keyword-optimize, keep your videos short and sweet, offer tips, promote upcoming releases, embed as much as possible without spamming, make your page unique, and make sure to give feedback to other artists and labels.  By following this advice and delivering consistent content, Jamvana promises you are sure to start building your brand.
Soundcloud is another solid platform for exposing your music and is being used by the biggest names in the business in addition to rookies.  With upward of 200 million listeners around the world, Soundcloud enables artists to interact with their fans and get feedback, as well as link them to other social media sites, and to direct to fan pages where people can purchase the artists’ music.  When joining (or making sure you get the most out of your Soundcloud account) there are some things to do to assure you get the most exposure.  Just like on Youtube, staying active, keywords, socializing, letting fans know what’s coming up, and embedding are all important.  Artists should also bear in mind how their song titles are listed, and keep their best tracks toward the top of the page on Soundcloud.
Twitter is actually not far behind Youtube when it comes to music promotion and marketing.  Acting as a channel to siphon fans to other social media sites and digital music distributors, Twitter’s 236 million registered tweeters are a huge opportunity for any artist or label, big or small.  While keeping up with all of this can seem overwhelming, there are tools and companies available that can schedule your tweets for you and you can set up tweets to be delivered far in advance.  It is crucial to put out fresh content on Twitter however, so mixing it up is key.  Also remember, no one likes to be pestered with ads or promos for the same stuff all the time.  Funny photos of yourself interacting with fans is always great, following people is of course important, along with replying to every single fan and tweet, knowing the Twitter lingo, and retweeting.
By following the suggestions of this article, you can soon have the social media presence you need to gain exposure.  Jamvana has helped guide many artists and labels in the right direction using the information written above.  With streaming taking over the music world, the modern fan finds their favorite music mostly through the two largest streaming platforms:  Youtube and Soundcloud.  And you have the ability to share your content with them for free.  Both have plans to monetize soon, and Youtube for one will be launching a paid service.  We know Apple is dropping their new paid subscription service at the end of this month, and of course Spotify has their paid option too.  Yet with others like Tidal popping up, streaming is huge right now and the fans are starting to be forced into paying for music again.  Quality music or ad free anyway.  Direct to fan sales are also becoming popular, with artists being able to put their music out directly to their fan base at a fair, market price.  Many indie artists and labels are taking advantage of this by funneling new and existing fans through social media sites to the direct sales pages.  With the somewhat recent shift in the music scene over the past five years or so, we hope this can help bring some clarity and vision to artists and labels everywhere.  For any additional information and to gain even more exposure, please visit jamvana.com/contact.
By Jamvana Mike

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