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Hennessy Exclusive Promoted Tracks Campaign

With the success of Hennessy’s 2016 SoundCloud campaign, SoundCloud and Hennessy are looking to forge another partnership with an emerging SoundCloud Hip Hop Artist. The campaign includes 3 original tracks with commentary from a single artist to be exclusively released on SoundCloud with Hennessy branding. In addition to this promotion, there will likely be a performance in California in early November, specifics to follow. More details on the promotion below.


As the run dates are not firm and are a while out, we’re asking each artist to submit a playlist that is an example of their work in order for Hennessy to chose who they would like to work with.


Please submit a playlist of the artist’s example of work via the THIS FORM no later than 6pm PST Wednesday May 10th

Campaign Overview:

  • Program Summary:

    • Hennessy is looking for 3 exclusive tracks + commentary from one artist to promote on SoundCloud

    • In addition to the promotion of the tracks, there will likely be a performance in California on November 4th or 5th, details and confirmation are still pending. A separate contract will be drawn up, but artist must be available to perform near Los Angeles on those dates.

  • Ad Impressions:

    • Minimum of 2 million impressions per track (total of 3 tracks) promoted on SoundCloud mobile and desktop stream to users in the US only.

  • Direct Sponsorship Compensation: $33,000

    • Run Dates: Each track selected will run for 2 weeks between June 2017 – November 2017 (Dates Subject To Change)

    • Territory: US

    • Branding:

      • Branding on album art and track visual (Please note this means the album art will be replaced with Hennessy branding for the duration of the campaign)

      • Example art is unavailable at this time, but click here to see screen shots from the 2016 promotion.

      • You must be able to confirm artist / artist representative approves of Hennessy branding on the Album art as well as the visual track.

    • Content Requirements:

      • Exclusivity Period:

        • Each track must be exclusive to SoundCloud for 2 Weeks

      • Target Audience:

        • 21 – 34 Males

      • Genre:

        • Hip Hop

      • Tempo:

        • Any

      • Lyrics:

        • Explicit lyrics are ok

      • Content:

        • Must not contain:

          • References to violence

          • References to overconsumption of alcohol

          • References to Substance Abuse

          • References to Drug use

          • Derogatory language

      • Artist Age Restrictions:

        • Over 25

      • Artist Tier:

        • Emerging

      • Artist Image:

        • No DUI’s, DWI’s or other poor associations with alcohol

      • Artist Commitment:

        • While not required, social support is greatly appreciated. Suggested copy and tagging will be provided.

      • Competitive Brands:

        • No wine or spirits

    • Other Details and Direction:

      • All tracks submitted must be monetizing in the ad-supported tier on SoundCloud in the US

      • Track artwork / publicity images will need to be submitted if accepted (Layered PSD and fonts)

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