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Hear Major Lazer Bring Serious Sunset Vibes in This Burning Man Set

You’re probably sick of hearing about Burning Man by now, but you always need new mixes for Sunday afternoons. Enter Major Lazer’s blissed-out 2015 sunset session from the Robot Heart camp, which has now surfaced on SoundCloud. With Diplo and Walshy Fire in the booth, the brief was to play a set in the style of the group’s anthem “Get Free.” So, while you might know these guys from their raucous live shows, this was a more leisurely side to the Major Lazer sound.

“My favorite set that we played this year at Burning Man was at Robot Heart,” Diplo writes. “It was probably the only set that I really prepared for with Walshy Fire. I’ll be honest I was a lil nervous because I really wanted to make it run with energy for the full two hours and our typical audience isn’t that used to a classic dub and reggae set. Myself and the whole RH crew wanted to create something really special for a sunset party and keep it true to the theme but to still feel like a Robot Heart set.”

As Diplo continues, “The Robot Heart crew had told me that they wanted and entire set that sounded like Major Lazer – ‘Get Free’ and I had to think hard about it. To keep the vibe going for two hours and for that record to be the climax was a challenge but I realized if you stick to your guns for the whole party and steer the audience in a direction and keep them with you, then anything is possible. I hope you love it..It’s perfect for a party on a Sunday afternoon and represents a different side of Major Lazer.” Get into it below—and also get familiar with Diplo’s classic hip-hop and house mix from Burning Man. (Trust us, that one is worth it for the crowd noises alone.)

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