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Jamvana offers hassle-free music services that make it easy for you to sell music online with a wide variety of artist and label services. Jamvana’s services directly connect musicians to major music retailers and give up and coming artists and labels the chance to get their songs out to their fans quicker and easier. Jamvana also specializes in creation.

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Artists beware: Fake playlisting and track boosting

Everyone’s out to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, these people take advantage of the up-and-coming artists by promising them x amount of plays on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Beatport, etc. While this may look good to your friends, it most certainly doesn’t look good to Spotify, local club owners who may book you, and labels.

There are far more legit companies out there that will get you organic Spotify streams and into the right playlists, but the bad ones often give the good ones a bad reputation. Digital service providers catch onto this immediately, as one cannot garner 1 million+ streams in a matter of 24 hours, especially when they’re googled and don’t have any blog posts about them, no YouTube channel reposts/support, and 43 SoundCloud followers. How do you gain that many streams with such a small audience? That’s an immediate red flag for digital service providers. Also, Spotify has a two strikes and you’re out policy.

Getting placed in playlists and garnering streams can be extremely costly. The legit companies can and will get you placements (like Jamvana) but will charge you for it (unlike Jamvana), sometimes upwards of $15,000. They have connections with a lot of the Spotify playlist owners, so they’re able to more easily get your music into playlists.

A legit company will have their “ducks in a row.” Did you sign a contract with anyone? No? Red flag. Did they ask you any questions about your music or brand (they would if they cared and to help you)? No? Red flag. Did they promise or guarantee a tremendous amount of streams in 24 hours? No? Red flag. A legit business will have everything organized, remain professional, and won’t fake anything, especially your streams. Streaming and Spotify have taken over, and you don’t want to be kicked off of a platform that is going to pay your bills and earn you revenue on your livelihood.

In Florida there’s a way to check whether a business is legit and registered or not. Head over to Sunbiz and search for the business (must be in Florida). It will state whether the business is active or not. If they’re not registered on Sunbiz, then it should be a red flag. If you’re not going to take the time to do a little bit of research then you’re going to fail.

Lastly, the fake playlist companies don’t often go direct – they go through a third party, which, if it actually worked, would greatly affect your streaming revenue. For example, each company, person, or label that has any action in the promotional line somewhere is going to take a cut of the streaming revenue. The label will take its 30%, then the promotional company will take 20%, and finally the playlist company will snag another 30%, leaving you, the artist and would- and should-be breadwinner, with a measly 20%. Does that sound fair to you?

Jamvana is and always will be here to help you get what you deserve from playlists and revenue. Don’t get scammed for thousands of dollars when you can be spending your hard earned money on legitimate services.

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