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BLI Debuts “It’s A Beautiful Thing” A.K.A. “I.A.B.T”

BLI (pronounced “Blee”) is a multi-talented artist hailing from one of the nation’s music epicenters, Nashville Tennessee. Nashville for all its musical clout still has a gaping hole in its own music identity. Despite the fact that for the first time in U.S history Rap & Hip-Hop is the most popular genre in the world, Nashville has no real representative in the race. Whether he’s dropping punch lines, telling a story, or singing a melody BLI captures the attention of all that are listening.

“It’s A Beautiful Thing” A/K/A “I.A.B.T” is BLI’s debut project and includes the following tracks:

  1. The Circle – SINGLE Produced by The Wavys
  2. Lit Up – SINGLE Produced by Malik Yusef
  3. Mirage FEAT. Rain Man
  4. Lost Star FEAT. Malik Yusef
  5. S.O.S Produced W Kevin Randolph
  6. Blow IT – Produced By J.Blee
  7. Future Photo – Produced By J.Blee

Watch BLI’s interview about the making of the LP.

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